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Press Club, Kolkata today hardly needs any introduction.The Club is the oldest Press Club of the Working Reporters in this Subcontinent and it completes 68 years of its useful existence.The Club is registered under West Bengal Registration of Societies Act, 1962.
Application forms for new Membership are being accepted now. Kindly download the forms from download section of this website.POS Machine has been installed in the Club for members to swipe Debit / Credit Cards to pay their Bills & Dues. Members are requested not to sign the bill but to pay by Debit / Credit cards to relief Club of the burden of long, outstanding, hefty bar dues.
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    Application Forms for Membership
    Application forms for new Membership are being accepted now. Kindly download the forms from download section of this website.

    Outstanding Bar Dues
    Members are requested to clear their outstanding bar dues in the interest of the Club. Payments can now be made through Debit / Credit cards.
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President’s Desk

Snehasis Sur

Dear Member,

At the outset, kindly accept our greetings on the occasion of the Bengali New Year. Have healthy, peaceful, and prosperous year ahead.

I would like to convey our heartiest thanks and deepest gratitude to all our members for reporting their wholehearted faith in the newly elected Executive Committee of the Club. I think, with your active support and kind cooperation, we will be able to run the Club well. Kindly let us know your liking and disliking both, so that we can act accordingly.

Apart from recreational activities, our aim is to have more professionally relevant programmes and to improve our socioeconomic security. Extending better health facility to our members is another area of our priority. However, time will only tell how far we are going to reach but no matter what we’ll stick to our goal.

The efforts towards the infrastructural development of the Club shall continue, to increase participation of women and also to present good programmes to our members.

I solicit your kind cooperation.

With best regards,

Snehasis Sur

Secretary’s Desk

Kingshuk Pramanik

Where the mind is without fear/where the Head is held high – Life is short. Though this short span may remain glorious. We want to stay in this arena with the stronghold. We abjure any sense of pride and arrogance.

Kolkata press club is considered to be one of the most prestigious institution in the arena of culture of westbengal. This club witnessed gradually the changing course of history.

The tradition of bengali newspaper has transcended 200 years. I have been elected as the Secretary of this prestigious institution by the honourable club members. I am grateful to their constant support. We wish that we will be able to proceed forward with multidimensional upliftment and various social action. Protection of the interest of each and every journalist is our sole determination.

Wish you all the best in  health and spirit.

Thank you,

Kingshuk Pramanik.